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Around the world, many of our societies are in a democratic crisis. Levels of dissatisfaction with the system, and desire for change are at an all-time high. The Future of Democracy is up for grabs. We need to engage global publics with the most important debate of all – how should we govern ourselves? What do we want democracy to look like?

Following the success of the approach taken by our Climate Story Unit, Doc Society is launching a new Democracy Story Unit to include Labs and Funds. The Unit will bring storytellers into an ecosystem with academics in the democracy space, activists, journalists and social scientists to think together about what narratives are most needed and most effective.

The goal is to stimulate the production and distribution of non-fiction narratives that help us understand the issues at hand and worldbuild for the futures we need and deserve.

Democracy Story Fund

To kickstart the Unit and to ground the work, we’re devising two four-day Democracy Story Labs. Coming together as co-conspirators we’ll be convening thought leaders, movement builders, technologists, journalists and whistle blowers from across civil society with storytellers from around the world. The task: to discuss what narratives we need now in this moment of global democratic crisis, and distill how we can implement impact with these stories.

The first lab will be in London (November 27 - December 1, 2023). The second lab will be in Rio de Janeiro (March 3 - 7, 2024) in partnership with Peri, a new cultural impact studio founded by our friend, Alessandra Orofino, with support from Luminate.

Forging new collaborations between creatives, campaigners and strategists working on democratic renewal will be a critical part of the Lab.

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